Best game: play free bouncing memory online

Here you can play a memory game online for free and without registration.
The BOUNCING MEMORY Game works on the principle of classic memory games, also known as pairs or concentrationy – but it is a bit more difficult!

That’s how it works
So that it doesn’t get boring, there are many different picture sets and new ones are constantly being added.

Have fun with the BOUNCING MEMORY Game!

play a memory

That’s how it works:

The cards are face down on the table.
Click on a card to see what’s in the picture.
Click on another card to see the picture as well.
If the picture is the same on both cards (or the pictures match), they disappear.
If not, they will be flipped over and you can try until all cards are gone.

But: Depending on the settings, the cards move, so they change their position and you have to keep an eye on them in order to find all pairs.

Here you find a detailed description of the settings.


With this game you can not only train your memory, but also your endurance, your concentration and your patience.
By choosing the number of cards (from just three pairs to twenty pairs!), but also by selecting the pictures (from simple objects and terms that are easy to remember to complex and abstract shapes) many different levels of difficulty are possible.
And then you can also adjust the mobility of the cards!
They can stay still like a classic game. The cards can always slide down – it will be more difficult.
And they can be whirled around wildly, turning, hovering, falling, … – this is where observation skills and concentration are put to the test.
Children, adults, seniors – thanks to the many different settings and picture sets there is something for everyone.

Can I play memory here for free?

You don't have to pay anything to play bouncing memory here and you don't need to register.
Just choose one of the many different memory games and you're good to go.

What is the difference to the normal memory game?

At the bottom you will find two special buttons:
One can be used to switch gravity on and off.
When it is on, the memory game images fall down to the bottom of the playing field.
And with the button with the springs you can set whether and how much the pictures of the game are mixed up when you have found a pair.

Are there different levels of difficulty?

You can choose the number of pictures in each game - the more pictures there are in the memory game, the more difficult it is of course.
But you can also make the game easier or more difficult with the setting how much the pictures are mixed up.
It is easiest if you turn off gravity and also turn off the springs - then it is a very common memory game.