Bouncing Memory Farben


■■■ Bouncing Memory: Colors The combination of two colors makes it a bit more difficult – there is two pieces of information to remember for each picture.

Bouncing Memory Emojis


■■□ Bouncing Memory: Emojis Funny, sad, in love, … often we express our feelings with emojis. We’ll find them all in this bouncing memory game!

Bouncing Memory Piktogramme


■■□ Bouncing Memory: Pictograms Pictograms are simplified graphic representations of people, objects, scenes, … that convey information.They help us find our way, often regardless of our language.

Bouncing Memory Balken


■■■ Bouncing Memory: Bars The differently arranged black bars, with which it is difficult to connect a certain term, are not easy to remember!

Bouncing Memory Farben

Colors 1

□□□ Bouncing Memory: Colors 1 A bouncing memory game for the little ones: This memory game is played with a maximum of 8 cards, on which individual colors can be seen.